Fruits in Suits #10 My Funny Valentine



Hello, everyone!

Our first event of 2016--Valentine Day Weekend!! Even if you do NOT have a lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, grindr buddy, or just an old-fashioned...wait for it...DATE, join us for a relaxed evening of good conversation, food and drinks at the warm and comfy Premier Oakwood Lounge.

Because it's a Saturday evening, dress is smart casual. We are planning on having one guest speaker, and Loren Fykes will be making a few announcements about the agenda for 2016. If any members have any particular announcements, then feel free to prepare them for the gathering. We are an LGBT professionals group, so if you have a business, project, idea or service that you'd like the group to know about it, our events are your chance to get the word out and introduce yourself in person.

Lastly, this is NOT a romantic event! But there will be love bugs in the room to help you meet some nice people! So, get your happy on!

**As always, if any member or guest has concerns about the entry fee, please contact the organizer, and we will try to accommodate all situations. We are an inclusive organization, and we value our members and give serious consideration to all personal requests.

Thank you, and we will see you there!!!

RAINBOW PRIDE 2016 Booth Donations

For Rainbow Pride, FinS is planning on hosting a booth for the two-day celebration. We are asing members to help pitch in to finance the costs and to promote the organization to our fellow Tokyoites and LGBTers from all over Japan.

There are regular booths and "Food & Beverage" booths. We will be hosting a booth that has light snacks and beverages. Our current choice is Fruit(s) smoothies to match the warmer May weather and brand our name even stronger. We are seeking contributions to raise the 300,000 yen for the booth, and another 300,000 yen budget for food, staffing, entertainment and the printing of marketing collateral and other materials to promote our organization. There are 29 **Special VIP** tickets set aside for this, and we will set up the benefits for each level and continually update that information. We can GUARANTEE you that VIP members will be treated royally at the event AND have the privilege of special member rates at future events.

The aim is to make the booth break even, so these numbers are yet conservative. All VIP members will have access to costs, the ledger and decisions if they so choose.

Tentatively, we are looking at these levels of awards, but they are subject to change and may even become more glamourous. We will endeavor to do just that!

PINK VIP = a bottle of champagne and member pricing at events
PINK VIP = a bottle of champagne, member pricing at events, and SWAG (TBD)
PURPLE VIP = a bottle of champagne, member pricing at events, SWAG (TBD), and a class dinner at one of our partner restaurants

If anyone would like to volunteer at the booth, please let Loren Fykes know at some point.



前回の忘年会に発表させて頂きましたが、FRUITS IN SUITSは公益社団法人の申請に入りました。そのため、いろいろとバタバタしていてより一層の力で、メンバーさんと協力して日本で活躍しているNPO法人のサポートをして行きたいと思います。今回は、弊団体の2016年度の募金活動と目標に関して発表することに続いて、メンバーさんのゲストスピーカーの話しを聴きまして、その後は、ビジネスネットワーキングなど交流会を開催します。


その費用をカバーするためには、特別なチケットも用意してあります:PINK VIP, PURPLE VIP, PLATINUM VIPです。それぞれに値段が異なりますが、優待特典を設けております。ボトルシャンパンは勿論、VIPメンバーに自動的になり、一年間のイベントに特別価格で参加して頂けます。他は、SWAG(Tシャツ、ピンなど)も準備しますので、PLATINUMメンバーさんに提携のお店の食事券を用意させて頂きます。是非お買い求めください。ご支援を宜しくお願い申し上げます。



日 時:2月13日(土)午後18:30時~21:00時


場 所:オークウッドプレミア東京ミッドタウン

話 題:懇親会!2016年度の計画、LGBTの経営者のプレゼン

  • Venue Address was changed to "東京都港区北青山2-1-19". Orig#147493 2016-02-11 12:44:00
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Sat Feb 13, 2016
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM JST
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Early Bird Standard SOLD OUT ¥6,420
Student SOLD OUT ¥5,000
Rainbow Pride 2016 Booth

Pink VIP
SOLD OUT ¥15,000
Rainbow Pride 2016 Booth

Purple VIP
SOLD OUT ¥30,000
Rainbow Pride 2016 Booth

Platinum VIP
SOLD OUT ¥55,000
Venue Address
東京都港区北青山2-1-19 Japan
a 3-minute walk from Toei OEDO line, HANZOMON/GINZA lines, Aoyama Itchome station exit 1, or a 5-minute walk from GINZA line Gaienmae station exits 4a/4b. On the corner of 銀杏並木 Gingko Avenue and 246/Aoyama-dori.